Who We Are

Rusthall United Reformed ChurchRusthall URC is a part of the United Reformed Church, which is a mainstream Christian Church sharing the same core beliefs as the Church of England, the Baptist and the Methodist Churches. Indeed there are many partnerships between the URC and these churches across the country. The URC has been formed out of a coming together of the Congregational Church, the Presbyterian Church and Churches of Christ. The differences between the URC and the other main Christian Churches are largely organisational and structural rather than ones of belief. We are committed to working with other Christian Churches in Rusthall.

Our History

The Congregational Church, now part of the United Reformed Church, has been in Rusthall since 1867; it started on the site of Rusthall Service Station. The present building, on the corner of Manor Road and the High Street, was built as a Methodist church in about 1902. It was taken over by the then Congregationalists in the 1960's. We have just completed a major refurbishment and extension project to give us the building you see today.

Our Purpose

We worship God and seek to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ's love for all people through word and action. We would be delighted to see you at our church. We work with the other churches in Rusthall when opportunities arise and our members support each other through good and difficult times.

Rusthall United Reformed Church